Video production

Let’s get the party rolling……

The plan is drawn, every aspect developed, the stage is set and now the party begins! Emmefilms works with state-of-the art cameras and other videoing equipment from beginning of production to the final product. Our crew consist a group ingenious producers, directors, editors, writers, cinematographers, stylists etc.
Our services include;
Gear and
Location management.

The crew members, all masters of their craft have years of experience in:
Documentaries and

With every member specialized and focused on their respective task, every human and capital resources is maximally utilized for the highest quality and with cost effectiveness. Our versatility and in-depth research gives us and a thorough knowledge of your business and audience, with this we beat your expectations in all your objectives. Our area of production include but not limited to all kinds of videos, commercials, movie trailers, visuals and promos. We involve our clients through all the aspect of our production and it is simply fun all the way. We creatively run a production that reflects all your thoughts, imaginations, ideas and stories. At Emmefilms, we are excellent at what we do and we do it with pride